Monday, August 15, 2011

Good Enough for Now


That Doesn't Sound Very Sexy

Well, then, what about the mechanomeric selection of photoenzymes affording artificial photosynthesis of fuels, organic chemical industrial feedstocks, and bulk macronutrients, halting the alarming present-day massive industrial crustal-carbon fossil-fuel extraction and burning and consequent carbon dioxide emission and greenhouse warming; removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and "fixing" it into fuel and other stocks (not to mention all-but-eternal plastics), helping palliate the impact of previous extraction and burning and emission and warming; breaking the hold of the Fossil Fuel Cartel over the world, with its price-fixing, price-gouging and other corruption; and establishing the sustainable photosynthetic economy?

What Industrial Applications Are There for MeSe?

Many expensive and/or toxic and/or otherwise hazardous industrial chemical catalysts will be replaced by mechanomerically-selected enzymes.

Such enzymes will catalyze many reactions at lower temperatures and pressures than at present, lowering energy use and cost, and many others in water rather than more expensive and/or toxic and/or otherwise hazardous solvents.

Such catalysis due to enzymatic specificity will furthermore reduce side-reactions and increase the efficiency and economy of such reactions.

And it will also allow new reactions to be developed and run as well, such as higher-order ones involving greater numbers of reactants at a time.