Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nomenclatural Change: EMD -> MeSe

I'm in the process of changing the name of the technology here from "empirical mechanomeric development (EMD)" to "mechanomeric selection (MeSe)":

The new name is of course analogous to "natural selection", in the same fashion as the "mechanomeric evolution" and "mechanomeric abiogenesis" already used (and I'm not altogether sure the last shouldn't be changed to "mechanomerogenesis", either), and the new acronym (pronounced if need be "meh-seh") is as far as I can tell unique, unlike the old.

This nomenclatural change is no big deal; "empirical mechanomeric development (EMD)" was previously referred to by me in my rough drafts and notes as "empirical biopolymeric development (EBD)", before I coined the better general neologism for functional copolymers, whether natural or artificial, "mechanomers" (reserving "biopolymers" for the natural mechanomers), and before that as "stochastic biopolymeric development (SBD)", and before that . . . .

The main annoyance with regard to this nomenclatural change is that the verb "develop" must generally be replaced with or accompany the verb "select" throughout all texts.

But the new nomenclature and language are better, and that's what counts.

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