Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prove It

Mechanomers are developed in nature by variation of monomer order—and therefore of conformation, and therefore of shape, mechanical properties and surface structure, and therefore of function—followed by selection.

Evolution's scale, in numbers of mechanomers and selections and in time, keeps it from being proof that mechanomeric selection is practicable; but the development of each individual's antibody (protein) complement, and still more each duck's in the egg, and still more the primary immune response, and most of all vaccination and the development and use of antisera and monoclonal antibodies, furnish so many everyday small-scale proofs that proteins performing such more or less simple complexings or molecular recognitions as antibodies can be mechanomerically selected. Enzymes being so many more examples of such complexings can therefore be selected likewise. Proteins performing any equally simple functions or small combinations thereof likewise. Nucleic acids likewise. And mechanomers of other classes likewise.

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