Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where Do We Get These Mechanomers?

Random polymerization of a mixture of monomers of the different kinds of the appropriate class will produce a mixture of different random mechanomers of the desired class, a random mechanomer stock, and replication or molecular copying of the mechanomers in such stock a mixture of many replicands of each of those mechanomers, a replicated random mechanomer stock. Such stocks will be the fundamental tools of mechanomeric selection. And such polymerization and replication will be catalyzed by enzymes, at least one polymerase and replicase respectively, both of another class of mechanomer than that of those being synthesized to avoid unwanted operations upon those enzymes themselves, both operating in the same direction along and continuously upon the growing mechanomer during its synthesis to insure that the replicands have the same conformations as the original, and both themselves mechanomerically selected, in early mechanomeric selection.

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