Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will Random Mechanomer Stocks Be Stable?

Depolymerases and other enzymes degrading mechanomers of their own class will occur in every random mechanomer stock and make it unstable. Such reactions and enzymes for the most part will be simple ones, the collective incidence of such enzymes in such stocks will be correspondingly high, such stocks will be correspondingly unstable, and such problems will be exacerbated by replication. Random mechanomer stocks should therefore be freshly prepared for mechanomeric selection. But if such stock must be stored it should be kept cold, decreasing reaction rates in general; dry, if depolymerization incorporates solvent into the free monomers, as with proteins, amino acids and water; and matriciated, separating most mechanomers in the stock and causing degradative enzymes to preferentially degrade their own replicands.

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