Thursday, February 17, 2011

Will Any Other Mechanomers Be Useful for Mechanomeric Selection?

Sets of mechanomers—growth hormones stimulating cell reproduction and cytodifferentiators converting cells of a sample type to those of others—will be developed and refined and expanded which allow construction of cytopalettes, sets of cultures of cells of different types, for use in matricial mechanomeric selective matricial overlays in parallel testing of mechanomers for toxicity (including environmental safety). Cytopalettes will include multicytotypic such as neuromuscular junctional cultures. Cytopalettes cultured from cell samples from individual patients will allow the custom selection of mechanomeric pharmaceuticals for use in idiotherapies, individual or customized therapies of refractory infections and idiopathic diseases, including cancers. And such cells and tissues will be used for replenishment and replacement, and the engineering of organs for (more or less) autotransplantation. And mechanomeric indicases or indicating systems should be developed for use with cytopalette cultures to indicate cell death and disfunction.

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